1. Would you please tell us about business areas and entrusted work of your company?

 Our company is mainly in system integration of the nucleus business system (currently we focus on manufacturing industry, not regard to field).We are doing from planning, proposal to coding and maintenance. In addition, our service is under building, we plan to increase sales partners and development partners,and continue to widely expand our services in the future.
2. Would you please show the reason why you decided to work with ISB Viet Nam?

The opportunity came from meeting at Exhibition in Japan. This was also the first time we request offshore business in Vietnam. At the first time, it was just a request by feeling, but I got positive efforts of correspondence from technicians. In the future I think I will continue to corporate with ISB Vietnam. Because the differences such as technical capabilities is not change too much with other countries (even in IT companies in Vietnam), the communication ability will be the most decision factor.

3. Would you please show your impressions about ISB Vietnam Development team?

As mentioned above, I have no ideas about technical capabilities. If communication between team has be more smoothly, I believe it might be able to show you’re an professional team. I think in your company the incorporation such as development rules, PDCA circle unification still have many problems, so that leadership needs to be improve more. All person in development team has great ability, but you should find the way to become a better team. I’m looking forward to your future sucess.