IVC’s annual meeting has been happened on Thursday 21st 2016. The BOM of IVC had an outlined presentation to review which IVC has achieved and got results in 2015. They also stated the business plan and hope that IVC will get a significant breakthrough in 2016. Together with this, all managers were asked for improvement in their team to get higher productivity and saving cost effectively in the New Year.




     The meeting was also a recognition to employees having outstanding achievement through second half of the year 2015. With over 30 people from different departments, they are honored to receive the award and significantly motivate them trying more in the future.





      One of the important sections of the meeting is pronounce the best projects of the year. Based on a lot of criteria (evaluation of customers, cost management, profit), the committee has chosen 2 best projects to award. They are Uni-Voice project and KDS project.