Thursday, Apr 7th 2016, IVC‘s new BOM 13th had introduced to all employees. The meeting also had the attendance of Mr.Wakao – CEO of ISB Japan Group. And at the same time the board planned the vision and strategies of IVC in the year 2016 .


The list of IVC’ BOM following:

-          Mr. Ito Osamu – General Director

-          Mr. Ogasawara Yoshiichi – In charge of the Division 1

-          Mr. Makita Kouki – In charge of the Division 2

-          Mr. Onogawa Yasuto – In charge of PMO

-          Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – Director of Sales

-          Mr.Nguyen Anh Tam – Director of Development


Each of members also presented and set the objectives for the time coming.